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Ablative Explained

The introduction of the UMBRA faction brings about a new ship dynamic within Vega Conflict. Ablative armour and ablative recovery; At first glance there are a lot of terms associated with this feature so in this guide I will break these down and explain how they work.

You will notice on ship calc if you fit any ablative tech onto an umbra ship you will see a new section called ablative

Currently as of writing this there are 4 damage types associated with ablative recovery (Blight, Energy, Kinetic, Explosive). This is how they work

Each ablative recovery type has its own recovery payout as you can see in the example above. So, lets break this down. To start with we will ignore the left side of the image and focus on the right 3 details.

Ablative Devour Recovery

In the example above Devour Recovery will restore 5% of the Ablative Armour on the ship when a ship is destroyed within the ships weapon arc. If my ablative armour is 10000 I will get 500 ablative "energy" restored every time a ship gets killed within that ships weapon arc. The more I increase this % amount the greater my payout. I can also just add in more ablative armour to do the same thing

Ablative Threshold & Ablative Recovery

Your ship needs to do 35 damage to recover 175 ablative “energy” to recharge your ablative armour. The 35 damage is damage after resistance to the hull of the ship.


I do 100 damage to a ship (damage NOT dps). The ship has shields or ablative up with a defence of 90% so 10% damage gets through to the ship in this case it is 100 * 0.1 = 10 damage.

I would need to do 4 lots of 10 damage to trigger ablative recovery to reach my damage threshold of 35 damage. At this point I would recover 175 ablative recovery

If the ship has resistance to the damage type you are doing then you would lower the 10 damage by the resistance amount. e.g: The ship has 30% resistance I would lower the 10 damage received to 7 damage. I would then need to have 5 volleys of 7 damage to reach my damage threshold of 35 to receive 175 ablative recovery.

The lower your damage threshold the better. You get paid out on recovery more often

Ablative (Damage Type) Recovery

In order to get ablative (damagetype) recovery you need to have weapons equipped of that damage type. E.g. You will never get Ablative Blight recovery if you have no blight weapons equipped.

As in the above example you have to meet the damage threshold for each damage type to get an ablative recovery payout.

I need to do 35 blight damage to get 25 ablative recovery and I need to do 35 explosive damage to get 55 ablative recovery

Ablative Resistance

You may have noticed that umbra faction has no ablative type when it goes to ablative protection. The Ablative Armour offers ablative damage type recovery but there is no protection when it comes to a comparison to shields. I cannot equip Shockwave Ablative Armour to gain greater protection from explosive weapons. Or can you?

Well yes you can. This comes in the form of ship resistance. If I fit 2 Explosive Resistor III to a wraith cruiser I will gain 51% Explosive resistance. This now not only does the traditional resistance of lowering the damage to the hull by 51% from explosive weapons it also alters the way your ablative armour works on your ships. Your ablative also strengthens itself vs damage from explosive weapons so damage from explosive weapons are reduced by 51% on the hull and it lowers incoming damage to ablative armour by 51% as well.

Please see video below as an example.

You will see 2 ships equipped the same Ship1 vs Ship2 but Ship2 has 2 resistors equipped for explosive damage resistance. Notice the difference in ablative with the ship with resistance vs the ship without resistance. It does not decrease as fast


Keep your Damage threshold as low as possible and do not ignore the importance of resistance on the UMBRA faction. If you are looking to stack Ablative damage type recovery make sure you have weapons of that type equipped